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Consultant Hepatobiliary Surgeon

Based in The North West of England

Specialising in diseases of the liver and gallbladder

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I am a Consultant Hepatobiliary and General Surgeon and Associate Professor of Surgery based at Liverpool University Hospitals where I specialise in diseases of the gallbladder and liver. As a member of the Liverpool Hepatobiliary Unit, I perform over 60 major open and laparoscopic (keyhole) liver resections for cancer each year as well as over 150 laparoscopic gallbladder operations (cholecystectomy).

I have extensive experience in the investigation and management of hernias, including groin, incisional and abdominal wall hernias. I perform open and laparoscopic repairs as part of my practice.


I look after patients with a wide variety of liver and gallbladder conditions, including gallstone disease, liver cysts and cancers. I also help patients with abdominal tumours called sarcomas.

I see patients referred by their GPs, as well as specialist referrals from other surgeons across the region.



Keyhole gallbladder removal (cholecystectomy)

Manage complex gallstone disease, including stones lodged in the bile duct.

Manage gallstone disease in patients with previous surgery

Liver cysts & liver lesions

Keyhole surgery for liver cysts (defenestration).

Assessment, investigation and management of liver lesions.

Liver and gallbladder cancers

Investigation, assessment and management of liver and gallbladder cancers, including primary liver cancers (hepatocellular cancer, gallbladder cancer and cholangiocarcinoma), as well as disease that has spread (metastasised) to the liver.

Novel non-surgical treatments, including thermal ablation.


I am the Royal College of Surgeons UK Lead for research into bowel cancer that has spread to the liver (colorectal liver metastases). I also hold a prestigious National Institute for Healthcare Research (NIHR) Fellowship for clinical research and trials in metastatic colorectal cancer and liver and gallbladder disease.


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